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i justt..ohhh godd i am sooo stupidd !! there i was..seing his name on facebook, he was online, he was like in front of mee, should i say hi to him?? maybe just let him know that i want to say hii!! i want to know how is he..maybe i care too much becouse i kind of like him...so when i have enough courage to just open the fucking window with his name and say HI!! how are you?? ...he kind of respond but then....nothing happens and he never reply nothing....NOTHING!!! i mean come on!!! he should said ..at least Hi or hi i cant chat now..or hi.. stop giving me chat cos i dont wont to be your friend any more :S...but he never replay and now i am feeling like crap!!! aishhhhhh i hate men!!!! i junt cant understand them ...they are all bad guys T__T ...or maybe i am too stupiddd
Crappy english, i know ...i hate him, yeah i am so childishh!!

i just dont know why i feel so mmm stupit idiot ...empty i suppose to be happy with these new beginning at the univercity but, not.
i wish i could be like someone else like that type of girl who is funny and doesnt think to much over somenthing,,hahaah i wish i could be more normal!!!! however i am not gonna change! i am gonna accept me just the way i am...so people will be by my side ..not many just the few ones that i need to be happy ... :) never will give up on ME!!!

Here it is........me
not sure how I get in this place, probably its becouse tvxq or Tokio hotel, they are the love of my love apart of my boyfriend of course.. so i am here becouse i love to read fics, autors are amezing to be honest :D..so i hope i can read great fics and find someone interesting..... kisess for the ones who read me xD